The Greene Door
Shibui | 2015.11.06
"It is full of unique pieces, including a sophisticated assortment of ceramics, textiles, traditional Japanese arts implements, and [Shibui's] speciality, authentic antique tansu..."

In Travel We Trust 
Destination DUMBO | 2015.09.22
"I was mesmerized by [Shibui's] collection of antique furniture from Japan...They have everything from Japanese chests to authentic sake sets and vintage posters. If you are interested in Asian art and furniture, this is definitely a unique place to check out."

College Tourist
How to Spend a Day in DUMBO, Brooklyn | 2015.04.15
"We came away with several pairs of beautiful lacquered chopsticks."

DUMBO Welcomes Shibui Antique Market | 2015.03.11
“A zen temple that raises the spiritual vibe of the neighborhood.” 

Japanese Art and Furniture Showroom Shibui Relocates to Dumbo | 2014.12.10
"Shibui has the largest collection of antique Japanese cabinetry (tansu in Japanese), lacquer ware, ceramic, old store signs, yukatas (a type casual kimono), tea pots, sake bottles, and art on the East Coast...The showroom has great gift ideas or art that you would be proud to display in your loft."

The Hand & Eye
Shop Visit: Shibui | 2014.08.22
"For the last 20 years owner Dane Owen has been scouring Japan for all sorts of tansu (the traditional Japanese storage chest) tools, textiles and homeware. There’s more history in Shibui than many museums...seeing this many Japanese antiques elsewhere would likely require a flight to Tokyo."

Manhattan User's Guide
Shibui | 2014.07.08
"...filled with striking pieces of tansu of all sizes and many purposes and configurations. There are also baskets, ceramics, sake sets and home accessories...a walk through [Shibui], filled with handcrafted treasures, is a free, transporting pleasure."

In Conversation with Steven Guarnaccia & Nora Krug | 2014.01.15
“There is this wonderful place in DUMBO called Shibui. The owner imports furniture from Japan and renovates it in a very traditional, respectful way.”

JapanCulture NYC
2013 Holiday Guide to Japanese Shopping in New York | 2013.12.08
"You’ll find a full range of beautiful and elegant Japanese goods at Shibui."

Manhattan User’s Guide
Shop Talk: New York’s 100 Most Interesting Stores | 2013.10.29

On the Road…
Shibui: Japanese Antiques | 2013.10.07
“The quantity of chests, baskets and textiles astounded me. The pieces are beautiful, particularly the finely embroidered kimono and beautifully woven baskets. For anyone interested in these objects, Shibui is a fine place to start looking.”
Shibui – Japanese Antiques | 2013.07.16
“The owner Dane Owen was exceptionally friendly and knowledgeable about his collection and you could tell that he really enjoys what he is doing. He took the time to explain details about the furniture and how he came across it. He directed us to pieces that were within our budget and my wife and I walked off with antique Chinese woodwork that looks great in our living room. I would definitely return and recommend anybody who is remotely interested in Asian art/furniture to check the place out.”

Atlas Obscura
Vinegar Hill: Step into the Old World of Brooklyn | 2013.05.13
"...a vast collection of Japanese antiques in an expansive store...owned by the knowledgeable and friendly Dane Owen, who handpicks every piece on trips to Japan."

The Telegraph
New York Itineraries | 2012

Time Out New York
The Best of Brooklyn: Bloggers' Favorite Local Spots | 2012.09.23
"With one of the largest collections of antique Japanese cabinetry and furniture in America, it's hard not to browse for a while in Shibui..."

Chelsea Gallerista
Kimonos at Shibui: Why the Designers Want Them | 2012.07.01
“If you ever venture across the Brooklyn Bridge to DUMBO…make sure you visit Shibui. It’s a treasure trove of old Japan in a cavernous, cement floor garage.”
Brooklyn Staycation # 1 | 2012.02.20
“…a great place to see amazingly crafted wood furniture”

Becoming Brooklyn
Unique Antique Shopping at Shibui | 2010.08.05
“The store owners strive to have the most authentic, high quality items, and only choose pieces that live up to the Shibui standard.”

The New York Social Diary
Tansu: The Cabinetry Heritage of Japan | 2010.07.14
“As part of its 150th Anniversary Commemoration of the first Japanese diplomatic delegation to New York City, The Nippon Club will host…Tansu: The Cabinetry Heritage of Japan at its 145 West 57th Street headquarters from July 14 – August 4. Twenty examples of the finest Tansu cabinets will show the full spectrum of designs from ship’s strong boxes to bridal chests and kimono cabinets. The familiar Tansu Kaidan Dansu or step chests will be described by co-curators Dane Owen and David Jackson who are the authors of Japanese Cabinetry: The Art and Craft of Tansu.”

Intro to Cool Japan Vendor: Shibui | 2010.06.28
“Shibui offers a wide variety of authentic Japanese antiques from photographs of Meiji-era Japan to ornate baskets from the Taisho era to even a full set of late Edo period samurai armor.”

Japanese Furniture Showroom Shibui Opens in Vinegar Hill | 2010.01.08
“Shibui brings with it the largest collection of antique Japanese cabinetry on the East Coast as well as a large selection of Japanese Folk art items, ceramics, textiles and other original antiques.”

The New York Times
Asian Antiques That Outgrew Santa Fe | 2010.01.06
“Prices range from less than $10 for glass fishing floats to $40,000 for a 17th-century screen made for a samurai. There are also surprising bargains like a 19th-century black lacquer tray edged in gold for $225.”

IN New York
“Authentic Japanese antiques include handsome tansu (chests), screens and scrolls featuring classic motifs, woven bamboo baskets and such architectural pieces as vanity dressers.”
A Tally of Tansu – Antique Japanese Chests